Quality crafted chocks are available from UMT Marine in multiple configurations. All have the functionality you need, effectively turning the direction of a line, preventing unnecessary abrasion, and chafing. UMT Marine chocks are appealing to the boat owner and marine industry professional demanding long lasting quality and old world European craftsmanship. These chocks are especially popular as Jet Ski Chocks amongst all Jet Ski owners. Of course, this is a hallmark of all UMT Marine products for the marine industry.

Universal ChocksUniversal

Specifically designed to allow the safe stowage of a Rib, Hard Hulled Tender or Jet Ski using the same set of Chocks with adjustable supports. View page

Cantilever ChocksCantilever

UMT Marine can fabricate custom Cantilever Chocks to give you more room on your swim platform. Cantilever Jet Ski Chocks can be detached easily by removing a few bolts. View page.

Linear ChocksLinear

Linear chocks run from bow to transom and can be fabricated from marine grade aluminum or 316 type stainless steel. They can be constructed to be stationary or removable. Used where multiple crafts may be stored. Often called universal chocks they are ideal as Jet Ski Chocks too. View page

Stationary ChocksStationary

Our stationary chocks are fabricated from marine grade aluminum. They are powder primed and powder coated to match the color of the motor yacht. (Awl Grip Spray Option Available) Each chock is constructed to fit the exact contour of your tender or personal watercraft. If placed with stainless steel base assemblies, they can be made to be removable. View page

Removable ChocksRemovable

UMT Marine fabricates two different lines of removable chocks. Full Base Version: Great for swim platform installations where there is little to no curve on the deck. "L" Bracket Version. View page

Roller ChocksRoller

UMT Marine fabricates roller chocks for swim platforms to roll on a tender or personal watercraft. Also used as Jet Ski chocks, they are most appropriate devices when your Jet Ski is off the waters. View page

slide on ChocksSlide On

UMT Marine 's slide on chocks are fabricated for light weight dinghy's. Each chock is fabricated custom to match the hull of your tender and can be fabricated to be removable by incorporating stainless steel base assemblies to your order. View page.

Sliding ChocksSliding

(IN/OUT) Fabricated to move tender or personal watercrafts in and out of chocks. View page

TNT & Hydraulic ChocksTNT / Hydraulic

UMT Marine fabricates a wide range of chocks custom to fit your hydraulic platform with slide-in tracks. View page

Universal ChocksSpecial Order

UMT Marine custom crafts universal chocks to accept most types of tenders. We also take special orders for custom Jet Ski Chocks that suit the specifications of your prized Jet Ski. View page

stainless steel chocksStainless

Our stainless steel chocks are manufactured out of 316 type stainless steel and are mirror finished. They can be removable by incorporating them with our stainless steel base assemblies. View page

Delron ChocksDelron Chocks

Super solid construction, weather resistant, no peeling, fading or rusting. View page