Explorer Davit

Models: EX 800 / 1200

The benefits of boating not only include the wonder of travel and taking in nature’s finest but also in the recreational watercraft that accompany the experience. Whether it’s jet-ski’s, kayaks, Sea-bobs or the perfect tender, with the rise of popularity in such watercraft, UMT is busy providing yacht owners with the davits and chock systems. With more recreational crafts on board, The UMT EX Davit provides maximum use of limited space. Not only is the EX Davit compact, but it’s a full 4 function crane that includes lifting, rotation, telescoping and hoisting. The UMT Explorer Davit is the perfect choice for yacht owners looking to do it all with ease and convenience.

Hydraulic Functions & Mechanisms:

  • Hoisting
  • Rotation
  • Extension
  • Boom Elevation



  • Custom Colors in High Quality Awl Grip Finish
  • 12/24 DC Power
  • Base or Stand Pipe Mounts
  • Remote Wireless


Features and Benefits:

  • Small, Lightweight, Compact, Low-Profile
  • Fits in Small Spaces
  • Wide Range Reach
  • Full 4 Function Crane
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • UMT Service & Support


    WARRANTY: 5 Year Limited Structual, 1 Year Limited Electrical Systems, 1 Year Limited Paint & Finish


    Click the link below to view installed and completed projects of actual customer’s vessels