Cleats are custom crafted in many different types, sizes and styles. Cleats and hawse pipes fit the exact measurements that customers require. UMT Marine welcomes the submission of drawings for a cleat configuration or our technician can meet you on site for assistance. We will also repair, revamp or modify your existing cleats or hawse pipes.

Foldable Boat Cleats

UMT Marine fabricates uniformly efficient and space saving boat cleats in every imaginable style and functional type. It’s no wonder that boat owners and marine industry professionals have come to rely on UMT Marine for every conceivable cleat requirement.

Hawse Pipes

316 stainless steel hawse pipes are a UMT specialty. Our custom crafted cleats and hawse pipes represent the accumulated experience of old world style craftsmen who take great pride in consistently delivering the very best that UMT has to offer.

UMT Boat Mooring Posts

Our boat mooring posts are custom made out of either aluminum or stainless steel. You can remit drawings of an idea you have or a UMT Marine technician can meet you on site to assist you.

Boat mooring posts present the ultimate in functional simplicity and practicality. A loop can be easily attached and detached without the need to tie or untie knots from the post.

UMT Marine Boat Moorings: More Durability, Less Wear and Tear:

Longer life within a marine environment is always important. UMT Marine is proud of its time-honored tradition of old world craftsmanship with boat mooring posts and all of our marine accessories. It’s a key difference that UMT Marine offers to boat owners and marine industry professionals.

Boat Mooring Posts - Design and Application Assistance

If you have a customized or highly specialized need with boat mooring posts, you have definitely come to the right place.

Let UMT offer on-site assistance and show you how simple, effective and satisfying superlative product manufacturing and customer service can be.


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